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Miluo Zhongtian Longzhou Farm Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD

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Why Cooperate With Longzhou?

Longzhou Farm Equipment is committed to the R&D and manufacture of agriculture machinery. Since the inception in 2001, the Company has made concerted and intensified efforts in its innovations and developed into a professional giant. 
Longzhou Farm Equipment is a large modern enterprise integrating the R&D,manufacture, marketing and service of agricultural machinery. It has been dedicated to the creation and build-up of a self brand with global competitiveness.

Our main products include Longzhou harvester, rotary cultivator, ditching, ridging and synchronous rice transplanting & precision fertilizing machine,transfer machine etc.the products have covered more than 20 provinces in China and also entered Southeast Asian,African and other international market.

The series combine harvester machine of LongZhou 4LZ based on the advantage of domestic and foreign models. After widespread consultation , This new combine harvester machine which has repeated testing and optimization design. Chassis track high, high gap, the use of access to national invention patent suspension wheel system,  overall diameter  guide pulley . With high efficiency, low loss, low rate of storage, easy maintenance, good performance through the paddy field. Mating self supporting device to solve the problem of deep in the mudduring, Suitable for rice ,wheat, rape, maize, harvester .

Rotary tiller
Longzhou 1GZ series crawler self-propelled rotary tiller is researched and developed by our company. The machine is equipped with rubber tracks running device, which endowed it with very good performance in tillage stability, wetland through performance and working reliability. Also it brings very good cultivating effect both in dry land and paddy field cultivating. Mating self supporting device to solve the problem of trap in the muddy, Suitable for rice wheat, rape, tobacco planting.Mating self supporting device to solve the problem of trap in the muddy, Suitable for rice wheat, rape, tobacco planting.

synchronous rice transplanting & precision fertilizing machine
The design of the machine is reasonable, the structure is compact, and the operation is flexible. It is the first invention in China and the comprehensive technical performance has reached the leading level in china.

Main Advantages:
1、labour saving,high efficiency;
2、Decrease the use of fertilizer and Increase yield.
Compared with conventional spread fertilizing, mechanical side deep fertilizing can save 30% fertilizer and increase 20% rice yield.
3、Lodging resistance: Rice plant by Longzhou side deep fertilizing has more flourishing roots, more thick and strong stem and shows better lodging resistant than that by conventional spread fertilizing.
4、No weeds, no herbicides,realize green agricultural production, Environmental friendly.
5、Intelligentized : Synchronous, no static difference, high precision, abnormal alarm.

Agricultural implements:
Longzhou agricultural implements can perform soil preparation, sowing, field management and post-harvest processing of all kinds of crops, such as wheat, corn, rice,  tobacco, etc. 
In the field of agricultural machinery, Longzhou is committed to be the leader in supplying solutions to the mechanization of full processes of agricultural operations in China, and providing such solutions for users in different countries that plant wheat, rice, corn, etc.

As a leading agricultural machinery enterprise in China, Longzhou made remarkable achievements in international markets these years.It provides users with comprehensive and satisfactory services, ancillary product services and marketing supports based on the type of dealers, and achieves a win-win-win situation for the Company, users and dealers.

Longzhou hopes to work with dealers and distributors with great development potential around the world.