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Longzhou Farm Equipment be selected as "Golden Reputation Award"

Article source:原创 Pageviews:99 Issuing time:2018-03-07
Longzhou Farm Equipment be selected as "Golden Reputation Award" 
January 26, 2018 by the Farmers Daily and Niuhonghon Internet jointly sponsored the "Golden Reputation Award" 2017 Sixth Chinese users favorite farm machinery brand selection results released, Longzhou Farm Equipment’s research and development "Longzhou Rotary Tiller" stands out among many agricultural machinery brands and was named "Top 30 Innovative Product Brands for Chinese Users' Favorite Farm Machinery Brands" and "Dragon Boat" as "Top 30 Enterprise Brands."

Dragon Boat Farm has won the honor for the second consecutive time. The "Golden Milestone Award" not only represents the farmers' favorite and true evaluation of agricultural machinery brands, but also the aspirations of peasant brothers who gather together through a piece of paper voting and online voting. It is one of the most influential awards in China's agricultural machinery industry at present . Longzhou Farm Equipment won this award several times, fully explain the Longzhou Farm Equipment people deeply rooted in the people, but also on behalf of the Longzhout farm Equipment industry status、influence and rising.

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