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Miluo Zhongtian Longzhou Farm Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD

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zip code:414400
1. Price Support
We are doing our best to support you with stable and competitive price, besides you would enjoy a special price for specific models of machine according to the market requirements, especially when the project is evaluated as an important one by us.?

2. Support to Distributing

A certain profits rebate will be given when the sales amount achieves to the agreed target.

3. Market Development Support

For some important markets or markets with great potential, we will work together with you to make the developing plans like, carrying out Customers’ Day and taking part in some local exhibitions and activities and so on. Our company will give some fund support in accordance with agreement between us.

4.Technical or Solution Support

For some major projects or clients, our R & D engineers or technical department director will together with you to visit the project leader and communicate project requirements and improve or re-design products according to special requirements.

5. After Service

Our sales-service engineers are always in the key markets to help customers and cooperators to resolve product issues.

6. Accessories Support

We are trying to provide some accessories as customers’s request.

7.Training Support

Free training courses aim to improve marketing capacity and customer service.