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Miluo Zhongtian Longzhou Farm Equipment Manufacturing Co.,LTD

Address: No.01 Miluo River Road,Circular Economy Industrial Park, Miluo, Yueyang, Hunan, China
zip code:414400

Longzhou,famous Agriculture Machinery brand,Service Concept

We understand your needs, pay attention to your feelings!

1: faster service

Whether domestic or foreign, we provide fast, reliable, on-site emergency service. Well-trained and experienced engineers are on hand to provide you with reliable service and support.
2: spare parts
Provide stable&continuous spare parts, minus your worries. Guarantee 100% original quality parts and provide reasonable and fair price system.
3: Preventive machine maintenance
Take preventive measures to protect the machine. We offer our customers preventative machine maintenance programs, regular visits and inspections.
4: Operation and technical staff training

Enhance technician’s operational and technical skills to improve production efficiency. We have formulated targeted training programs to enhance the user's site operation and problem-solving skills.